Joy of Planting

Recently I relocated to a new Apartment and realized that previous tenant had left a nice flower pot in the Balcony. Now I have completely settled down and since the house is small, I make sure all the things are neatly kept at their right places otherwise it looks messy.

Every morning when I open the doors, I could see the Flower Pot in the corner lying down with no excitement and cursing me for negligence.

One day it started raining hence to feel the drizzle, I opened the doors and could see the dried mud in the pot getting wet and soaking the rain. This lightened my bulb! and said something to me. Why not plant a seed 🙂
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“Will” start workout and all that crap…

So…..Are you in the same league of people who say “I am planning to start working out” 🙂 Ooops, did I spill the beans!!!

Please don’t take me wrong however I am writing this to make all my fellow beings realize that even I used to be in the same boat as you are but somehow I motivated myself to the quote “Well begun is half done”

I would rather request people who are in dilemma and not inspired enough to take that first step of working out…Please do!!! I will put few easy facts in-front of you. Initially start with easy plan like doing simple cardio (Walking on treadmill and static cycling) for about 15 minutes each and once u are done in half an hour and given up for the first day,calm down wash your face with cold water and look at yourself in the mirror.
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