I Turned Twenty Five!!!!

I Turned Twenty Five

Apparently YES indeed I am 25 yrs OLD now 🙂

I really know it is a very nice feeling on your Birth-Day, People call and wish you Best Luck! for future and loved one’s showering blessings on you. And ofcourse it is one and only special day every year which is just for you.

I have been enjoying this day of my life every year as we grow and meet new people, love of your life your friends but this time there is something different. For the first time in my Life on my Birthday I am feeling scared 😦 Not sure what reason that is but maybe because I am 25 Now.

What does 25 means to me is I am getting older and no more a teen, You are a MAN and no more a BOY, get SERIOUS!!!! about your life and stop being a kid throwing tantrums. Its an age barrier which for me is like offering MY shoulder to someone instead it used to be me asking others for till now. A sense of being grown up and CAN turn into a responsible person.

Few things which I look today and I feel is most important for any individual at this juncture are his Family,Friends,Society,Work and the MOST IMPORTANT one “HIMSELF”

I am not a guru to provide counselling but I think its time to get serious about your finances, Stable Job, committed relationship, know your actual friends out of many and know your responsibilities towards society (the give and take relationship) and be focused!!!!

Along with all of the above you can still get the same happiness as you used to earlier if you balance your work and life. Being adventurous,get serious about your hobbies, do things which will make you feel happy instead of buying happiness with some cost.

To end this, I would like to say that from now on choose your words carefully as people LISTEN to you and that you are a voice and no more a noise. And please!!! maintain your wishlist for tomorrow as this will help you to focus!!! Below is mine 🙂

(0) Realize my actual friends and care for them.
(0) Get certified on Technology I work on.
(0) Go for mountaineering and avenge the highest place in my country.
(0) Take ownership of siblings educational expenses.
(0) Learn Driving a Car.
(0) Wearing formals for ATLEAST first 3 days of week to office.
(0) Deep sea diving at Bali, Indonesia.
(0) Do something meaningful for society.
(0) Get regular on my fitness regime.
(0) Try to sleep minimum 7 hours a day.
(0) Become a good listener and grow wise.
(0) Read a Book and finish it.
(0) Disappear and be alone for myself for a while.

What is yours???


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