Bannerghatta National Park – Bangalore (Review)

I was looking out for a small getaway on the weekend and after lot of hunting on the web realized that I have covered most of the nearby places. Finally I gave up and cancelled the plan.

Later on Saturday morning realized how boring it was to be at home doing nothing and that’s when I decided to go for a small trip to Bannerghatta National Park. The reason for avoiding this was coz the place is fairly small to be called as “National Park”.

Checked the directions and distance (Approx 20KM’s from City) on Google map and also their official website for any important information. (The website has been down most of the times, one of the reasons for avoiding to visit the place). They Operate from 09:30 AM to 05:30PM Daily except Tuesday. If you want to avoid long queues and scotching sun then better reach early in the morning and things move really fast.

PS: There are special buses arranged by KSRTC (State Transport) for people to visit the Place. More Info

The travel from city towards the National Park is covered with lush green and tall trees on both the sides of the road and gives you a refreshing feel to get out of the chaotic metropolis and bustling traffic.

As soon as you reach near the place, you are completely flocked by snacks vendors and no matter if you had your meal before starting from home, they are really conscious of your well being and make sure you buy something to eat. Not a bad start however the local business depends on tourists and visitors hence better to be co-operative.

The Park comprises of three events namely Jungle Safari, Zoo and Butterfly Park. When you reach the ticket counter you will find people crowding the queue which provides packaged tour for all the 3 events which is common gesture but the distinguishing fact that the Jungle Safari is provided using Air Conditioned buses. I find this sheer sense of madness that you go for a Safari and keep sitting with ultimate sophistication in an AC Bus. (I may be wrong). This package costs INR 500+change per person. I went with the normal package which costs INR 230+change for the same package in normal Safari Buses.

As you get in the actual entrance of the Park, you are waited at nice covered seating area for your turn to get in the next batch of safari. You get in the Bus and if lucky would get the window seat to get clear view of whatsoever you find. šŸ™‚

The National Park is built in layers and key wild animals are segregated in the Layers of Jungle with walled boundaries and gated construction for entrance. The Rangers and Staff are helpful and serious about the work. The Park is layered with Deers, Bison’s,Antelopes and Elephants in one section and separate section for Bears, Lions, Tigers and one specially for White Tigers being an endangered species.

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The safari bus took halts for couple of minutes in each section so that everyone gets an eyeful look at the animals. I was lucky to get a look at all of them as people said its rare for the animals to keep hovering around the safari route. It was an amazing experience to see these so called wild animals live and they didn’t appear to be wild anyway at all. Someone rightly said that “wild animals aint wild unless you mess with them”.

The complete safari lasted for around 35 minutes and none of us were on our seats but constantly searching to get view of something and capturing them in Cameras forever.

After this we moved for next event of visiting the Zoo. It was a good experience with ample amount of rare species of animals caged nicely with good protection for both the parties. The zoo comprised of one section for colorful birds like African Parrot, Green Neck Parrots,Owls,Peacock’s and many more birds along with large sections for deers and ostriches and Emu’s. They also had Pythons and proud King Cobra resting in sun in his independent section. I was tired with the complete exercise and skipped the plan for Butterfly Park as the sun started getting hotter.

Overall the experience was very nice and without any fuss. I know we live in an internet age and everything is available with click of a button but going out in a wild and seeing real stuff is extra-ordinary experience. I visited in the end of fall/autumn hence the Flora and Fauna was dry however the visit in monsoon would be real feast for the eyes.

Would recommend people coming to India and Specially Bangalore to visit this place for sure.

– Rax


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