A Feeling of Meaninglessness

I don’t know what kind of feeling it is but it really feels like a life without anything. A complete robotism. Wake-up, go to office, come back home, eat, sleep and repeat!! Do household chores on weekend, watch movies and live in a fear of upcoming Monday with same repetitive stuff.

What am I doing with my life, or is this what called as life. Am I missing something which can fix things for me. How do I judge what I am doing is right or wrong. Is giving complete full stop the solution for this never ending misery. Can this be overcome…ever……

Should you run away from your responsibilities by confessing an absolute “NO” or just carry on the same way as things are with people around you never happy or satisfied with you but somehow managing. Feels like living a life of someone else or may be I am exaggerating too much on this as things are just fine.

Completely discouraged with no opportunity to laugh out loud for even thirty seconds. No one to talk and share you thoughts but this freaking useless blog. Is it similar to being psyched! Is it because of being over cautious or trying to push real hard but mind is giving up and cannot take this so called stress and waiting to give up.

What are the things I can do to get that calmness. Let me put everything I have tried till now, reading books, going to gym, swimming, watching movies like shawshank redemption, yoga,a walk, eating out, sleeping, studying upcoming technology, whatsapp, fb, listening music, news…. what else??? I don’t think I missed anything, did I?

Searching answers for all this and trying to motivate for better tomorrow is like reaching everest summit but need to do something rather than nothing…

One day for sure I will revisit this post and have better explanation and answers as well.

– Rax