What we do is what we Are

I have a normal life of working in a good reputed IT company. My Manager is supportive towards whatever I ask for. Also my family always stands by me for anything I do or rather as I stay away from my family in different city, they are unaware of my adventurous enthusiasm. I try to keep it low as-well.

As we all know that doing same things everyday kills the intelligence cells in our brain and makes us old and dead. I have seen many people who have no problem with all this and my words might sound complete crap but in the complete lifespan of spending around 40% of our whole life working a 9 to 5 job in our very days of being young and dynamic is actually making us paralyzed and as one of the survey says, in the coming year 2020 the most common diseases among people in the world would be stress and depression.

There are many ways this can be tackled and some of them are so simple that you can actually think it was THAT simple! I will explain few which I feel can help.
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