What we do is what we Are

I have a normal life of working in a good reputed IT company. My Manager is supportive towards whatever I ask for. Also my family always stands by me for anything I do or rather as I stay away from my family in different city, they are unaware of my adventurous enthusiasm. I try to keep it low as-well.

As we all know that doing same things everyday kills the intelligence cells in our brain and makes us old and dead. I have seen many people who have no problem with all this and my words might sound complete crap but in the complete lifespan of spending around 40% of our whole life working a 9 to 5 job in our very days of being young and dynamic is actually making us paralyzed and as one of the survey says, in the coming year 2020 the most common diseases among people in the world would be stress and depression.

There are many ways this can be tackled and some of them are so simple that you can actually think it was THAT simple! I will explain few which I feel can help.

Love yourself
This does mean caring and pampering yourself with whatever you like to. This also means that you should treat yourself like a celebrity. Now just imagine about the celebrity which you are fond of……imagine…..
Is he/she messy or look decent? does he/she look well dressed or they just wear pajamas? Do they look healthy with right posture and body shape or they are busting from each side or doped off??
The answer to all this is, we all like people who are nicely dressed with hairs done stylishly along with healthy and fit looking body in proper shape. In the similar way we need to carry ourselves as well and you will find people noticing you and eyes turning around you. Keep in mind that this is not a one days job you need to have right diet, exercise, meditate to keep yourself positive and focused. You also need to sleep for 7-8hrs a day.

Do things differently
This is a most simple and common change you can bring in your life. Start brushing your teeth with non prominent hand. Listen to the music out of your favorite genre, you never know you may find something nice. Walk through unknown lanes to your office, you may find something you may have never seen. Visit a different restaurant than your usual one just to taste the difference. All these things which you do differently than routine brings small joy in your life thus making it positive.

Talk to People
We all are surrounded by people whom we know well. Our family members and relatives, colleagues in our department and the coffee shop we visit everyday in the morning. They all are familiar to us in one or another way and your brain can always foresee their reaction of conversation as you begin. When we try to speak to unknown or less known people, the brain doesn’t know what the stranger is gonna hit at us with and thus starts the process of thinking and imagining. This in turn also adds up to your knowledge as the stranger may tell you some strange stuff which you are not aware of. In a better words this process can be called as socializing.

I like this a lot and its my favorite way of being myself. Lot of the times when we are occupied with the work we do everyday and things we need to take care of, there is something which keeps going on in our mind. I call this as NOISE. This is something which is not so important and not very clear. does not give us clear picture of what we need to do but just keeps going on and on. One way to get out of this is traveling and disconnecting ourselves with the daily world. Explore new places, see new things, meet new people and so on. it also gives you much needed peace of mind and clears your mind of unwanted and unending issues. I spent 12 days trekking with group of unknown people in Himalayan ranges this year and when I was back found myself a changed man. I started to focus on things and enjoyed small things like gardening, doing the daily chores. I wasn’t stressed for hours that I have to do something but I just finished it and let it go off my mind and went for new things. Traveling has lot of power and this can change anyone’s life forever.

With all this said and done, its your time to go and do something and implement these changes in your life. Do give me a feedback of how it worked for you or anything new which you learned I have all my ears for it.

– Rax


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