Bannerghatta National Park – Bangalore (Review)

I was looking out for a small getaway on the weekend and after lot of hunting on the web realized that I have covered most of the nearby places. Finally I gave up and cancelled the plan.

Later on Saturday morning realized how boring it was to be at home doing nothing and that’s when I decided to go for a small trip to Bannerghatta National Park. The reason for avoiding this was coz the place is fairly small to be called as “National Park”.

Checked the directions and distance (Approx 20KM’s from City) on Google map and also their official website for any important information. (The website has been down most of the times, one of the reasons for avoiding to visit the place). They Operate from 09:30 AM to 05:30PM Daily except Tuesday. If you want to avoid long queues and scotching sun then better reach early in the morning and things move really fast.
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Mountain Biking expedition to Jalori Pass

Sometimes even in our so-called very busy schedule, a small tickle of change which you let in can make a lot of difference. For me it was one of my friends asking me to join him for a cycling expedition. My first reaction to him for the moment was, “Dude let me check my leave balance and upcoming schedule”. As the saying goes when its right, ITS RIGHT!!!

PS: This is a long travelogue of sort and I hope you will enjoy it as I try to pour my heart and mind in it. 🙂

Being an IT professional and to the best of my so-called googling skills, I started exploring the expedition through Google which showed be beautiful pictures of great Himalayan ranges and tall trees surrounded all over. In reality I had never visited such place and I was completely amazed with the virtual tour already.
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I Turned Twenty Five!!!!

I Turned Twenty Five

Apparently YES indeed I am 25 yrs OLD now 🙂

I really know it is a very nice feeling on your Birth-Day, People call and wish you Best Luck! for future and loved one’s showering blessings on you. And ofcourse it is one and only special day every year which is just for you.

I have been enjoying this day of my life every year as we grow and meet new people, love of your life your friends but this time there is something different. For the first time in my Life on my Birthday I am feeling scared 😦 Not sure what reason that is but maybe because I am 25 Now.
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Joy of Planting

Recently I relocated to a new Apartment and realized that previous tenant had left a nice flower pot in the Balcony. Now I have completely settled down and since the house is small, I make sure all the things are neatly kept at their right places otherwise it looks messy.

Every morning when I open the doors, I could see the Flower Pot in the corner lying down with no excitement and cursing me for negligence.

One day it started raining hence to feel the drizzle, I opened the doors and could see the dried mud in the pot getting wet and soaking the rain. This lightened my bulb! and said something to me. Why not plant a seed 🙂
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“Will” start workout and all that crap…

So…..Are you in the same league of people who say “I am planning to start working out” 🙂 Ooops, did I spill the beans!!!

Please don’t take me wrong however I am writing this to make all my fellow beings realize that even I used to be in the same boat as you are but somehow I motivated myself to the quote “Well begun is half done”

I would rather request people who are in dilemma and not inspired enough to take that first step of working out…Please do!!! I will put few easy facts in-front of you. Initially start with easy plan like doing simple cardio (Walking on treadmill and static cycling) for about 15 minutes each and once u are done in half an hour and given up for the first day,calm down wash your face with cold water and look at yourself in the mirror.
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Corporate mind games, whom to blame??

Designated at certain hierarchy while working for an organization, how much are we aware of consequences of our actions.

Generation has changed and companies are moving towards more “Employee Friendly” approach. Which means trying to create a homely environment for an employee so that he can work with comfort. Providing add-on benefits like helping them to pay their utility bills,do their taxes,provide small loans till helping them with Daycare facilities. Few also provide work from home options.
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